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This month we’re super-excited to have the ever-sensual Jen Cole grace our pages. There’s really no need to mention how utterly attractive she is but behind those picture-perfect good looks is a woman who is so much more. She’s smart, creative, loves to express herself and is a complete pro in front of the camera. No person better defines the term ‘total package’ and we couldn’t blame any guy for getting caught daydreaming about her beauty, either lost in thoughts of intrigue our fantasy. Here, we find out what Jen’s been up to lately and what she’s all about!


Heya Jen, firstly, welcome to the Playboy family and we’re ecstatic to have you. Now, most interviews usually warm up but we’re going to dive straight into the good bit… where’d you get those amazing, sultry long legs?
Jason after that interlude, driving straight into the good bit is most acceptable. Canadian made, trained as a professional ballerina across the country, made those “long” legs through discipline. Elegance, grace, is beautiful. Add a pair of red bottom heels and lingerie – “sultry” just happens.

Okay, now that’s out the way. When you’re not working what are some of your absolute favorite things to do?
Well, I am a little bit of a wild child, so debauchery just happens.


This one’s for me… how does glitter taste?
#TastyArt… #TastyArt: Taste like who cares, looks like what? Hmmmmm… Right? I was playing around with glitter for a future photograph of glitter on the tongue. It wasn’t easy, I got way too into it – or did I? Really. It is just glitter. Ok, so yes in slow motion – it was well, sexual, made me smile. My girlfriends were like, Jeeeeeen? What is that post? I just said it’s glitter, for the #TastyArt. Problem?

Beautiful women always have some of the craziest DM stories. What was one of the most random things you’ve ever found lurking in your inbox?
Stalking through the internet and bullying through alias profiles is nothing these days. Fake websites by jealous girls is a given. In the last year this has escalated to stalking, BNE, robbery, being assaulted, GPS tracked and surveillance. Lurking in my inbox doesn’t bother me, just not outside my door.


For all the ‘shy’ but good guys out there, what advice do you have for making a good first impression with their crush?
I’m unsure there is a simple answer to that. The energy a man can bring can be simply undeniably and surprisingly dominant, just in the sheer way they carry themselves. That is not the start of a girl crush though, it is when this dominant man is a complete gentleman and his strength is overshadowed by warmth. Being a gentleman is really underrated. 

Speaking of crushes, do you have a celebrity crush of your own?
Banksy. Man of mystery. Visual Protest. He reminds me of a living lego figure. I want to listen to his life story – but make something with it too. Yes, clearly I adore and have a crush on him, maybe Playboy can get him to spray me naked? I can return the favor?


If you had one day to spend one million dollars on yourself, what would you buy and why?
Take it all out of the bank in one hundred dollar bills, book a lavish hotel room, dress in the finest lingerie and shoes. Throw it all over the bed and roll around in my million dollar bed. Plus at the end of the day, I did spend it but I also still have it.

Okay, time for some of the deeper stuff. In an ideal world, where do you see yourself in five or ten years; time in terms of family life, career, or both?
Life tends to throw me curveballs, so the details I’m not sure of. I will be proud of it though, 5 or 10 years later.


If you had to choose, would you say money and wealth determines success, or is it one’s personal achievements and happiness?
Money is a must, it is a necessity, the currency for life. Wealth is just an abundance of money. Personal achievements give you pride. While happiness is an emotional state. This is a trick question, you cannot have option B without part of option A. The happiest memories I have are with people and have nothing to do with money. I guess you could say priceless. Why not be happy in nice shoes though?

For all the optimistic hopefuls out there, what words of advice do you have for people working towards reaching their dreams?
Listen to ‘Vienna’ by Billy Joel.

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