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Revista Playboy Dinamarca, Ninja Nerd

Marta Vegaz! It’s such an honor to have an absolutely gorgeous and talented beauty feature as our January Cover! We’re curious to find out what you have been up to? Thank you so much. I am honored to be this month’s cover girl. It was always my goal to be a playmate cover girl. The last year passed so fast and I can’t believe it’s already January. Due to the Corona pandemic, I haven’t been much up to. And didn’t travel as much as usual. But shooting for the playboy magazine was definitely one of my highlights.

Given your obvious stunning good looks and striking features, tell us a bit about where you’re from? I was born and raised in Germany. I always traveled a lot especially after I finished my studies in international business management. I lived in different places around the world till I decided to relocate to the United States. Here I spent the last three years happily in Miami. 

Revista Playboy Dinamarca, Ninja Nerd

Your recent move to the US was a major one, tell us a bit about what inspired it? Honestly, it was super spontaneous. I spent the summer in Greece and I met this girl from Miami. We became best friends and we decided we have to live together. So we made it happen and now we’re living together in Miami and sharing an apartment. 

We hear you’re fluent in multiple languages, which ones are those? I speak five languages. Wished all of them fluently but I keep forgetting them. I speak obviously German as I was born and raised there and my mom is German. My dad thought me Italian and I improved it on my trips to Italy. English is my second language and here in Miami I speak it all the time and I master the language very well. French, I learned in school and I studied Chinese too. I spend some months in China but I have to admit it’s such a hard Language and i keep forgetting words especially the writing. 

Revista Playboy Dinamarca, Ninja Nerd

Between all the traveling and photoshoots you must be an incredibly busy woman, what are some of the things you like to do, behind the cameras and all the glitz and glamour? Don’t laugh. But I am a gamer girl! I love to play PlayStation and have a casual night at home and order food. I also love all kind of outdoor activities from walking my dog to snowboarding. If I‘m having a really lazy day here in Miami I love to hang out at the pool and work on those tan lines. Besides that, I am often at the gym and working out.

If we were to try and sweep you right off your feet, what are some of the things you look for in an ideal partner? My partner needs to share my passion for good food and traveling. There’s nothing better than travel somewhere and enjoy a good dinner together. It always tastes better if you have a special Someone next to you. I‘m totally not into looks so don’t try to impress me with your six pack.

Revista Playboy Dinamarca, Ninja Nerd

And what would make you go running in the opposite direction as fast as possible? As I was always very independent and started taking care of and managing my life myself I would need a man who’s not insecure. Usually, insecurity leads to exaggerated jealousy and I think a man who wants to be with a pretty woman who gets published in magazines like this has to be strong and secure about themself.

You’re a seemingly talented lady, what are some, if any, of your hidden talents not many people know about? I‘m a very good and creative chef. I love to try out new recipes and somehow I always figure it out and it turns out great. For Christmas Eve I always love to set up a whole menu for my family. And it’s obviously great if you get good feedback and everyone loves what you cooked.

Revista Playboy Dinamarca, Ninja Nerd

What makes you feel sexy? What makes me feel the most sexiest is appreciation. Even if it’s just a small little thank you. And my other obsession is lingerie. I love love love sexy lingerie and it makes me feel so hot and sexy. And especially if you wear it for someone and he tells you how hot it looks. That’s the best a girl can hear! 

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why? Oh wow, that’s a difficult question to answer. Haha, I think I would like to have the power to make some people just shut up. We often say things too fast and without really thinking about what we’re saying and how our words could hurt someone. We use words to fight and insult and sometimes it’s better to just stop and take a deep breath before saying something out of anger. 

Revista Playboy Dinamarca, Ninja Nerd

Seeing as it’s a new year, what can we expect from you this year and do you have any major plans and exciting things we can look forward to from you? I‘m definitely planning to shoot more and travel to exotic places. Another goal of mine is to finally learn Spanish which would be really helpful here in Miami. So let’s hope this pandemic ends soon and we can go back to normal and enjoy the fun things in life to the fullest.

It has been a true pleasure getting to know you Marta! Any final words for our readers out there? Thank you so much again for having me on your cover. I am so honored and happy!! I had so much fun working with you and hope to do so in the future too

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