[+18] Revista Playboy (Março/2021) Austrália

Playboy (Março/2021) Austrália

with Jennifer McCoy
By Jason Fleetwood

This month we meet Jennifer McCoy, a blonde beauty with the smile of an angel and the body of a goddess. She is strong, smart, and making big moves in the fitness industry with her unique approach to business and her pure talent in front of the camera! Take it from us, Jennifer is much more than she seems and here she shares what she’s all about, her goals for the future and why she reminds us so much of Baywatch! Take a look.


Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to speak to us. Firstly, you look amazing Jennifer. Could you tell us what got you started on your journey towards becoming a glam and fitness model and what does appearing in Playboy mean to you? Being a playboy playmate is such an honor for me, especially at this time of my life. It’s a dream come true for a lot of girls. I hope it is an inspiration for women my age to keep feeling sexy and to do what makes you happy! My hope is that the example I’ve set for other women is to stay healthy, stay positive, believe in yourself and have confidence. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman could have and you should never be afraid to be sexy!


Out of interest, we see you mention things like Health Works
Nutrition and Machine supplements a lot, could you tell us a bit more about that? I believe the hard times in my life are what fuels me to stay in great shape. I’m determined to make the most of every day! Also I’ve played sports all of my life so I have always stayed active and competitive!  My husband and I own a local supplement and nutrition store, “Health Works Nutrition” and a supplement line called “MACHINE SUPPLEMENTS”. As a leader in the fitness industry we feel it’s part of our job to stay healthy and in the best shape we possibly can! 


We love your unique red swimsuit pictures on Instagram. Do people ever mention how you look like someone right out of the Baywatch franchise? I’ve been told I remind people of Pamela Anderson in that red one piece a few times, which I love! I have never been told that before and i don’t think I look like her other than the blonde hair and big boobs LOL but I’ll take the compliment! She was always one of the sexiest women on tv and a huge icon!


Speaking of Instagram, what are some of the worst and best pickup lines you’ve found lurking in your inbox? I get a lot of messages each day and most are from men, but I get messages from many women as well. I think that’s the best compliment because women don’t sugar coat anything. Women will only compliment other women when they really mean it and are truly inspired.I appreciate the messages from men too of course, as long as they’re respectful. The worst is when men send inappropriate photos. Lol Why do men do this? It’s truly pointless. Women want to hear sweet things like genuine compliments. Just be real and be honest, that will get you far with me.


The concept of a man has changed over the decades, would you say women are still attracted to the macho Alpha-type of a man ripped with muscles or is it more about emotions and intellect that makes a man attractive in 2021 or a combination of both? I am pretty old fashioned when it comes to men, and I’ve always been attracted to manly men who work hard and are athletic.  I don’t need huge muscles or perfect looks but that’s a bonus!

If you don’t mind us asking, do you have any preferences or types; that you look for in a potential partner? I don’t understand today’s generation of girls who like the mama’s boys, or the skinny jeans wearing guys who play video games and don’t know how to do anything. I want a man who’s motivated and can do man things!


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